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Hi, I'm Lawrence



As a 1st generation Latino, I am passionate about progressing my community forward. I have dedicated my career to public service and now I am running for Congress to bring real change to our district. My story is one of determination, hard work, and a deep love for our community.


My campaign is about bringing people together to create a better future for all of us. I believe that every person deserves the opportunity to succeed and thrive, no matter where they come from or what they look like. As your representative in Congress, I will fight for our planet's future, healthcare for all regardless of status, and quality education for all. Join me in this fight and together, we can make a difference in our community.


Equality and Progress

My mission is to create a more equal and just society, where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. I believe that by working together, we can build a better future for ourselves and for future generations. I am committed to fighting for policies that promote economic and social justice, protect our environment, and ensure access to healthcare and education for all. Join me in this mission and together, we can move our community forward.

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