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My Platform

As your state representative I will fight for Healthcare for everyone. For too long our lives and healthcare have been tied to working and producing goods. America has become too wealthy to not provide free healthcare for everybody inside our borders. This would cover the right to abortion; the right to transition; the right to have teeth and eyes taken care of, in conjunction with the rest of our bodies. WE DESERVE MORE.

Our world is hurting and the green new deal is now outdated. We can no longer hope for incremental change. We have to implement a complete ideology change where we use our vast and broad workforce to ensure our planets and future generations survival.

Lastly, I have watched for 32 years as Congress refuses to pass meaningful Immigration reform. My family is just one of thousands that are waiting for change. It has left us stressed, in despair, and sick to see our families be upended without remorse or reverence to our lives and souls. I will not rest until families can be united and free in America.

To do this we need to raise taxes on corporations, we needs to ban stock buybacks, eliminate the ability for corporations to buy housing, set rent caps across the nation, build our school system to benefit the students and not the tests we put in place for them to pass.

We are not Data Points!! You deserve a representative that will treat you as a human and not as some plot point on a graph.

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