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Why I'm Here

I read about how Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta marched to Sacramento. I watched San Jose, CA Elect Ron Gonzales as Mayor. I was at President Obama's first inauguration in January of 2009. It was then, in negative five degree weather, I felt the calling to do more for my community. I need to do more for people who want to go to school, more for people who want their children to have a better life than their own, more for people to live and explore our beautiful world. I believe in having ambitious plans; ones filled with progressive ideals, rooted in the belief that through hard and smart work we shall accomplish all we dream. I push back against that tide that flows against us. It manifests as racism and bigotry, greed and selfishness, but through all of this I march. I wake up everyday to build more, knowing we shall grow into a district where all are represented.

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Welcome, lets talk about me and our district

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My Platform

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